How to make a reservation?
The fastest way is to use the reservation form.

What are the methods of payments?
For your convenience available are two forms of payment: pay card or transfer.

Can the deposit be paid in cash?
No, the deposit is blocked on pay card (debit or credit)

How long does the return of deposit take?
The deposit is unlocked when the car is dropped off. However, the actual release of the funds can last up to 14 working days. The release time is dependent on your bank.

Can I travel abroad  with the rented car?
Yes, but only within borders of European Union countries (with the exception of Romania) and after purchasing a service of travelling abroad. It is forbidden to travel beyond borders of European Union.

What is the minimum age for the driver?
Our offer is addressed to people over 21 years.

How much time does the driver need to possess a driving license in order to rent a car?
The driver needs to possess driving license for at least two years.

Does the driver need to have a polish driving license?
No, however the driving license must be considered valid in Poland.

What documents are necessary to rent a car?

  • Pay card issued to a person who rents a car
  • ID card or a passport
  • Driving license

Can I transport animals?
No, it is forbidden to transport animals.

Is it allowed to tow a car or a trailer?
No, towing is forbidden.